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Up the Butchers!

aa U/16 & U/18 CRL Regional Championships will be held at Collegians Sports Centre and Parrish Park precincts  -  

Figtree 7-8 June 2014 (1st rnd for Redbacks vs Bidgee Bulls)

3.      Finals to be at Tamworth  -  21 June

4.     U/14 & U/15’s Championships  -  Wagga  -  has been changed to 10-11 May.  Finals 14 June Facebook Photos

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Weekly Draw - Saturday 24th June 2017

Date Grade Rd Home v Away Venue        Time
24/6/17 U/6 11 Thirroul Blue v Huntley Gibson Park 9:00 AM
24/6/17 U/6 11 Thirroul Butchers v Shellharbour Gold Gibson Park 9:00 AM
24/6/17 U/6 11 Thirroul White v Shellharbour Mako Gibson Park 9:50 AM
24/6/17 U/7 11 Helensburgh v Thirroul White Rex Jackson Mini 9:00 AM
24/6/17 U/7 11 Corrimal Green v Thirroul Butchers Ziems Park Mini 10:30 AM
24/6/17 U/7 11 Corrimal Red v Thirroul Blue Ziems Park Mini 11:15 AM
24/6/17 U/8 11 Thirroul Blue v Wests Red Gibson Park 9:00 AM
24/6/17 U/8 11 Thirroul White v Wests Blue Gibson Park 9:50 AM
24/6/17 U/9 11 Woonona Green v Thirroul White Hollymount Park Mini 10:40 AM
24/6/17 U/9 11 Berkeley v Thirroul Blue Berkeley Park Mini 11:20 AM
24/6/17 10-2 11 Woonona/Thirroul v Port Kembla Hollymount Park No 1 11:30 AM
24/6/17 10-1 11 Shellharbour v Thirroul Ron Costello Oval 10:50 AM
24/6/17 11-2 11 Thirroul v Shellharbour Jim Allen Oval 10:40 AM
24/6/17 11-1 11 Wests v Thirroul Parrish Park No  2 10:40 AM
24/6/17 12-1 11 Thirroul v Wests Jim Allen Oval 11:30 AM
24/6/17 IGT 12 12 Thirroul v Bye    
24/6/17 IGT 14 12 Thirroul v Woonona Hollymount Park No 1 9:00 AM
24/6/17 IGT 16 12 Thirroul v Port Kembla Gibson Park 8:00 AM
24/6/17 13-2 N 10 Bye v Thirroul/Woonona    
24/6/17 13-1 10 Thirroul v Stingrays Jim Allen Oval 12:20 PM
24/6/17 14-2 N 10 Dapto v Thirroul Burgh Reed Park No 1 10:10 AM
24/6/17 14-1 10 Thirroul v Berkeley Jim Allen Oval 1:10 PM
24/6/17 15-2 10 Bye v Corrimal/Norths/Thirroul    
24/6/17 15-1 10 Wests v Thirroul/Corrimal Parrish Park No 1 12:10 PM
24/6/17 16-1 10 Thirroul v Berry Gibson Park 10:40 AM


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Working With Children Check

Working with Children All members who have face to face contact with children are required by law to apply for a Working with Children Check. To comply with the Office of the Children’s Guardian requirements all checks must be completed by March 31. Identification cards will not be issued to coaches, leaguesafe or sports trainers until their WWCC’s have been verified.

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Playing in a higher age group - 2017

Insurance issues have dictated the process for playing up an age group. A form MUST be completed PRIOR to playing. Search for Illawarra RL / Junior League / News. Remember, a player MUST fulfill their obligation to their own age prior to playing up an age.


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